Health and safety management

To reduce occupational health and safety costs you have to effectively manage your files !
What offers the CMIPQ ?

Prevention and the rapid rehabilitation of workplace accident victims are key factors in reducing costs related to OHS.

For a single case, or to outsource all your files, our management team will take every measure to reduce these costs to a minimum. Our team will also guide you in the OHS process in order to maximize your prevention efforts.

several doctors
on the same day
with CMIPQ

Occupational health and safety management includes :

• Collection and analysis of CSST files
• Consultation and recommendations
• Manager assigned to your business
• Designated doctor
• Representation before the Direction de la Révision Administrative (DRA)
• Representation before the Commission des Lésions Professionnelles (CLP)
• Traning and information



Entreprise services :
Pre-employment exam Work absenteeism Expert medical report Drugs and alcohol testing
Health day Vaccination Training Mutual groups
Health and safety management Prevention Travel clinic Medical assessment