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Help in making decisions when hiring.

i-PARAMEDICAL = quick report !



Our method of evaluation:

1/ The candidate completes the online questionnaire.

2/ A nurse reviews the data with your candidate.

3/ We provide you with the necessary recommendations
for the hiring of your candidate.



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(514) 931-0801
monday to friday from 7:30 to 17:00

Information request


Frequently asked questions :

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What is evaluated?

• Medical background
• Symptoms and diseases
• Medication
• Operations and injuries
• Work accidents
• Functional limitations
• Professional diseases

Why it reduces the risk?

Ensures that job-related tasks is not in contradiction with the worker's functional limitations in order to avoid aggravating their personal condition.

How long it will take to get my report?

On business hours, the report is emailed within 15 minutes after the nurse completes the validation with the candidate.

Is i-PARAMEDICAL available in French?


Is this legal?

Legislation and case law are the same in the other provinces and territories of Canada except of Saskatchewan.

Provinces and territories of Canada
Les employeurs peuvent poser des questions médicales avant l'embauche du travailleur.

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code prohibits any question except one hiring question. So the employers therefore use the questionnaire after hiring.

Can I have a personalized questionnaire?

Yes, it is possible to have a questionnaire adapted to the needs of your company. To do so, contact us.







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