Work Absenteeism

Good work attendance management enhances your productivity.
What provides you the CMIPQ ? :

The CMIPQ helps you identify problematic situations so you can improve your team’s productivity. We work with you to develop constructive, effective tools to reduce losses related to absenteeism.


A study published by the Conference Board of Canada reports that the Canadian economy lost $16.6 billion in 2012 due to workplace absenteeism. The costs incurred by these absences represent about 2.4% of the gross annual payroll of the employers.

And yet the study reveals that only one in two businesses affected monitors the absentee rate and the reasons employees give for their absences.


Costs of absenteeism
2,4% of payroll
Increase productivity
with the CMIPQ
Attendance management services offered :

• Absence management
• Monitoring and recommendations
• Made-to-measure programs
• Evaluations
• Medical examinations



Entreprise services :
Pre-employment exam Work absenteeism Drugs and alcohol testing Health day
Vaccination Training Mutual groups Health and safety management
Group insurance Prevention Travel clinic Medical assessment