Mutual groups

Does it possible to save 45 to 60% on your CNESST contribution ?

Yes you can, with a prevention mutual !

What exactly is a « prevention mutual » ?

It is a group of employers who decide to put OSH prevention at the heart of their actions with their employees.

The directors agree together to :
• Take concrete action to prevent workplace accidents ;
• Encourage the rehabilitation of accident victims ;
• Support victims of occupational injury in their return to work.


                  Save 45 to 60%
          on your CNESST contribution

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Why join a prevention mutual of CMIPQ ? :

Our expertise in prevention, paired with our ability to quickly resolve workplace accident issues, helps you achieve savings of up to 60% on your CNESST contribution and reduce the risk of accidents at the same time.

Example : If your CNESST contribution is $30,000, you could save $13,500 each year, based on a savings of 45%.

How ? After a no-fee study of your business file, our managers will work with you to develop a prevention program that will improve your performance, no matter what sector you operate in.

Joining one of our prevention mutuals also allows you to joint our CMIPQ group insurance mutual



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