Pre-employment exam

He has good skills but what about his physical condition ?

Evaluate physical and psychological fitness of your candidates in your hiring process



What is the pre-employment exam ?

The pre-employment exam can detect in your future employees conditions that increase workplace accidents or occupational diseases in your company.


Why do pre-employment exams ?

Pre-employment exam reduces the risk of accidents, occupational diseases and absenteeism of a candidate for employment :
     • Evaluate the weaknesses of a candidate before hiring
     • Evaluate the physical restrictions of a personal condition
     • Evaluate the risk of relapse (previous accident)
     • Evaluate the ability to work under certain conditions :
               • Heavy, repetitive work
               • Temperatures variations (ex. outdoors)
               • Dust, flour, chemicals, noise



Entreprise services :
Pre-employment exam Expert medical report Drugs and alcohol testing Health day
Vaccination Training Mutual groups Health and safety management
Group insurance Prevention Travel clinic Medical assessment