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Hermante Ayotte, a founder & president that is always active and passionate about safety and health at work!

Founded in 1977 by Hermante Ayotte, a registered nurse and a globetrotter, the Clinique de Médecine Industrielle et Préventive du Québec (C.M.I.P.Q.) is one of the most advanced clinic in the field of occupational medicine.

The clinic also welcomes individuals for a private checkup or for care related to well-being, such as nutrition, osteopathy, kinesiology and ergonomics.

Accredited by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, C.M.I.P.Q. conducts the necessary medical examination for immigrants, refugees, for those who are applying for a visa extension and for foreign students.

Today, rich in prevention and health promotion experience, the Clinic de Médecine Industrielle et Préventive du Québec welcomes nearly 30,000 patients annually.