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Prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by thoroughly analysing your work plans and the handling of loads.

According to the Institut de la statistique du Québec, in 2014-2015, 27.7% of the population of 15 years and over that are employed suffered from a back musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) related to their current profession. This is affecting at least one body region during the span of 12 months.

The back musculoskeletal disorders (14.0%) and upper body parts (12.8%) affect a larger proportion of the employed population.

An ergonomist can help you in a preventive or rehabilitative approach by advising you on the layout of your facilities.

It will also provide training to your employees on the safest way to handle heavy loads.

Improve the overall well-being and performance of your workers:

  • Assessment of workstations.
  • Assessment of tasks and work activities.
  • Assessment of the functional limitations of tasks and workstations for temporary assignment, disability and return to work.
  • Assessment of work habits, handling, tasks and manual operations.