Group insurance

Why choose the insurance of CMIPQ ?

The members of our prevention mutuals are recognized as businesses that take the health and safety of their workers seriously. We have negotiated preferential rates for them with our insurers !


What is included in this insurance ?

The basic coverage includes life insurance, disability insurance and other benefits. Additional services can be added (family, dental, optometry, long-term disability, etc.).

The CMIPQ takes charge of the complete management of your insurance plan. Our group insurance experts help you design your plan, and you can change it at any time.


Insurance premiums


Flexible insurance plan
modifiable at any time

Plan operation and administration :

• Your plan is maintained and you can change it at any time
• Each group administers its own plan
• Each group is invoiced separately
• Rate: each group is evaluated based on its own experience



Entreprise services :
Pre-employment exam Work absenteeism Expert medical report Drugs and alcohol testing
Health day Vaccination Training Mutual groups
Health and safety management Group insurance Travel clinic Medical assessment