Health day

Promoting health in the comfort of your premises — because your employees deserve it.

Forget about going to the clinic, let the clinic come to you !


Give yourself a health day !

Preventive screening, thematic lectures, vaccinations clinics or individual consultations are essential components of any health day.


Choose a date and combination that meets your needs and we’ll be there.
The health day is organized to suit your needs and your budget.

Prevention begins with your
most important resource :
your employees !

Analysis of risk indicators Individual consultations Interventions
• Heart
• Liver
• Prostate
• Thyroid
• Diet
• Analysis of risk factors
• Family and occupational background
• Ergonomics
• Eye examination (Snellen and Ishihara)
• Basic hemoglobin and urine test
• Body mass index (BMI)
• Vaccination
• Blood pressure
• Drug screening
• Crisis intervention
• Grief counselling


Entreprise services :
Pre-employment exam Work absenteeism Expert medical report Drugs and alcohol testing
Health day Training Mutual groups Health and safety management
Group insurance Prevention Travel clinic Medical assessment