Working at heights

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Trainer:  Mr. Armel Théodore, preventionist


Duration of the training:   3 hours


Clientele target

This training is intended for any employee required to work at heights as well as supervisors.


Objectives of the training

Understand the risks associated with working at heights:

  • Know the legal and normative obligations regarding work at height;
  • Know how to analyze the risks associated with working at heights and adopt the required preventive measures;
  • Choose the right equipment for the job;
  • Inspect and properly use the various protective equipment (harnesses, anchors, lifelines, winches, safety zone).


Content overview

  • Legislation in force;
  • Different jobs, different tools;
  • The 3 points of support;
  • Preview of imprudent gestures committed during work at height;
  • The main types of scaffolds and their components;
  • Criteria for a compliant guardrail;
  • The different types of ladders and stepladders;
  • Risks associated with the use of ladders and stepladders;
  • Pre-use inspection of equipment;
  • Safety rules to be respected;
  • The various protective equipment (safety harnesses and classification, anchors, lifelines, winches, safety zone).


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9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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