Violence and harassment in the workplace

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Trainer: Serge Perreault, certified coach and trainer.


Duration of the training:   3 hours


Target clientele

This training is for anyone who wants to learn more about violence and harassment in the workplace.


Objectives of the training

This training aims to prevent and maintain a healthy and violence-free work environment. Simple and practical, this training informs participants of the laws in force, the sources and types of violence, and how to recognize, prevent and deal with them.


Content Overview :

  • The articles of law to know and the obligations related to them (Quebec Charter and labour standards, CNESST). The obligations of employers.
  • Terms: incivility, conflict, management rights, psychological, moral and sexual harassment, discrimination, physical, verbal and psychological violence, abuse of power.
  • Prevention, our best tool
  • Discrimination
  • Knowing how to recognize situations
  • The different forms of violence
  • Impacts and consequences on individuals and on the work environment
  • The risks of the law of silence, not being an accomplice, our roles and responsibilities
  • What to do if you are a victim, means of intervention
  • Quickly curbing violence through prevention
  • The practice of non-violent communication DESC (Rosenberg Method)
  • Knowing how to address one’s requests in a constructive and non-violent manner
  • The spiral of violence, how to avoid conflict escalation
  • Defense mechanisms, how to recognize them and how to face them and defuse situations
  • Means to maintain a healthy and stimulating climate and working relationships

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9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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